Ancient Healings  

  Ancient Healings mission and service to humanity is to offer sacred ways to help one achieve complete healing.  Using a holistic approach to create balance, so the body can heal itself.  By providing a place of safety, a place of healing--to find a place of healing within ourselves. Only then can we heal the world!  Safety is the key, to help one achieve complete healing.  The body will heal itself, given the right tools.  However, the individual must be committed to their own process of healing.  

 Ancient Healings represents the idea that all things are truly interrelated and connected.  And that taken as a whole, creates healthy and balanced systems.  The wholeness is expressed by the Hoop of the Medicine Wheel.  If one point from the Wheel is removed, the Sacred Hoop collapses and balance can not be obtained or maintained.  All truth may be circumscribed into One Great Whole.  All my Relations.  Each body part represents a part of this wheel.  The soul uses the body to communicate.  If the signs are ignored, symptoms develop and get worse.  Symptoms and dis-eases are the result of toxins and imbalances that accumulate over a long period of time.  Toxins can be physical, emotional and spiritual.  To achieve health it often requires correction of several layers.  It also requires diligence in healing those layers in a safe and particular order as your body reveals them.

  Ancient Healings was founded with the belief that there is always an alternative to drug therapy and surgery that will create less harm to the body.  Our Mother Earth provides humanity with every natural cure we need.  The truth is that you CAN be healthy, you CAN prevent dis-ease, and you CAN overcome dis-ease.  Ancient Healings goal is to get you well if you are experiencing health challenges and to help keep you well if you are currently healthy.  By providing a program and a way of living that will initiate healing by correcting the cause of the problem.  All health challenges are welcome.  Ancient Healings works with dis-ease reversal on all levels. 

All methods of healing that Ancient Healings provide are frequency based.  Using vibrational medicine to energetically heal mind, body and spirit.  Vibrational healing influences the electromagnetic field of the body.  Everything in life has a vibrational pattern.  When electrons spin around the nucleus of a cell, they create a magnetic field.  Every living and non-living thing produces a magnetic field that can be measured scientifically with the right machine.  The body emits a certain frequency, and each system of the body also emits its own vibration.  Therefore, every toxin also has a vibrational pattern.  By using the system of "like cures like" is how this type of medicine works.  Obviously plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, all organic material also have frequency.  When one is using Reiki as a healing method the practitioner is emitting certain frequencies from the hands as well.  If the body is at a certain frequency and it is hit with the same frequency, it nuetralizes the toxins and the body no longer recognizes it as foreign.  These methods of healing are ancient but are integrated with the latest science, which makes them so effective.  As we shed the density and debris away we become lighter and lighter in frequency. 

*These methods of healing are not created to take the place of a qualified health professional.  If you need medical advice I am required to tell you to seek a medical doctor.